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International flight booking is not a big deal with the Hajra Manpower Consultant. We had a time where we see the air transportation as a wonder. In the beginning air transportation mainly used for International journey. If we notice, we can find out that at least one person from each Indian family who travels internationally for different purposes. In the beginning, air transportation was mainly used for International journey and international fight booking was higher than domestic.

The number of international air travelers and proportionately international flight bookings are increasing day by day due to globalization, Foreign Direct Investment, international tourism, lack of time to depend on other travel facilities like ship etc., international business, increasing number of expatriates and travel writing etc. Few years back the situation was different, people used to depend on ships for intercontinental travels and it was more time consuming. It took weeks and months to reach in the destination.

In this busy living schedule people do not have that much time and patience to spend, so people began to choose flight travelling as it is time efficient. These days the number of leisure travelers is also increasing as we have a large number of people who have a lot of disposable income. Efficient and skilled tour operator, travel agent or airline personnel convert these types of prospective customers in to clients. Now a day's people have much enhanced earning and they are capable and willing to spend for comfort and leisure activities. This is also one of the reasons for increased International flight booking.

These days the number of domestic flight booking has been increased a lot. Because most of the airlines provide low fares for domestic sectors, so people started to travel by air for domestic traveling. Unlike early years domestic flight booking is much easier now with the use of internet and online domestic flight booking facilities. Passengers have the facility to compare domestic airfares and they can make the most affordable domestic flight booking with any online travel portal or through airline's web site.